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Question editor

When creating your questions, a set of options are available.
After defining the title of the question, it's easy to add a description, an image, a video or a like Facebook/Tweeter.
With the drop down menu, you have quick access to a wide range of question types (Net Promoter Score , multiple choice, open question, ... ) that you can set as required or not.
For each question created and finalized, you can preview it in the same way your respondents will see it.
In addition, with a single click, you access the edit menu or change the order in which the questions appear in your survey.


To ensure the relevance of the survey results , it is often necessary to define the profile of the individuals you are going to poll.
Therefore, Seerus gives you the opportunity to choose from many characteristics that your respondents will have to match for their responses to be included in the survey results .
The answers from people that do not match the criteria do not influence the analysis but are still available in the Excel report related to your study under the "no match" sheet.
Targeting is a free option with the use of your own data base but becomes chargeable if you choose to use the data base of Seerus.

Data Base Import

The data base import function allows you to upload your database (in your possession prior to the survey) in order to make a pre-analysis of existing data.
The findings or proven relationships identified during the pre- analysis may lead to review the structure of your inquiry or the title of your questions. Using the information already at disposal to determine what is still to be known is a must that can be achieved easily with Seerus.
Furthermore, thanks to this import and thus the link created between your database and your survey, you will be able to customize your survey based on data you already have about your respondents (individual URL links for each of the respondents)
This will allow you, for example, to pre-fill or not to bring up questions for which you already have the answer.
Working this way will reduce the amount of questions and hence make it more convivial for your loyal followers to fill in the survey.


With paid packages, it is possible to perform a basic customization of the survey directly on the website . This includes the possibility to set the background or buttons color, change the font or text characters,…
To do this, go to my space, select the study to customize and click on "integrate the study on my website".
Customization options will appear on your screen.
For further design, our design staff will be happy to help you in answering your needs as precisely as possible.

Website integration

Once finalized, your survey can be integrated on your website via iFrame .
This allows you to add a distribution channel for your inquiry and reach your prospects as well as your customers.
In addition, if you add a Net Promoter Score in your survey, you can integrate the result of it on your site in the form of a widget.This will allow you to share the customer satisfaction level with all the visitors of your website.


By adding a contest to your survey, you give an incentive for your respondents while having the opportunity to promote your own products.
In addition, with the Seerus score, you measure the value given by your respondents to the gift proposed in your inquiry .


Seerus allows you to create your survey in different languages ​​depending on your needs.
The profile questions automatically added to your questionnaire (3) as well as the texts automatically generated by the tool are translated according to the selected language.
Each language selected leads to a separate survey to which an individual URL link is related.